Lucy in the sky starlets

Born in 2015 and inspired by Lucy in the Sky - the girl with kaleidoscope eyes (yep, the one from John Lennon’s song), we are a fashion forward label created with the aim to reflect current fashion trends infused with the sometimes crazy glamor of the L.A. life.

Our pieces are designed and produced here in Los Angeles.

Over the last couple of years, the label has become a creative collaboration with L.A’s best young talent; providing exposure to the talent of new generation of Californian creatives.

If you are an upcoming Los Angeles based actress, blogger, musician, model etc. and interested in collaborating with us on social media, photoshoots, video content, we’d love to hear from you. Please email us your story with any relevant details to



We started following Elina’s career back in 2015 when she just moved to Los Angeles. She began her modeling career back in Ukraine, where she was born and raised.


Elina was slowly finding her feet in the extremely competitive LA modeling scene, whilst also developing her Youtube and Instagram following - becoming a truly hard working creative professional.


We can easily say that we had shot with Elina and experimented with various creative ideas more than with any other model in Los Angeles. And when our label has finally became a reality it was just natural for Elina to become Lucy in the Sky first Starlet.


Elina’s height: 5’9″, weight: 110 lbs, bust: 35″, waist: 23″, hips: 35″.


Kaylee started her modeling career about a year ago in Houston, Texas. What really intrigued her about modeling were the opportunities that would take her to new places. 


One of Kaylees biggest goals in modeling is to take as many opportunities to travel to different cities, states, and countries. So far, its taken her to Los Angeles and Miami. 


Los Angeles is where her heart is now. She loves getting to meet all the people coming in and out of the city especially in the modeling industry that's filled with so many creative people like herself. 


Kaylee's height: 5’8″, bust: 30″, waist: 24″, hips: 35″.

Haleigh is our most recent startlet currently pursuing her dream as a model in Los Angeles. She is 21 years old and has a very sweet, fun and motivated personality. Originally from Texas, she says modeling is the best decision she’s ever made. She’s learned how to turn hardships into opportunities to make her a stronger person.

Haleigh not only loves to model, but wants to start acting in the near future. She says, “All I want to do is make a name for myself, make my family proud, and most importantly, make a difference in this world."

Haleigh’s height: 5’7.5″, bust: 32″, waist: 24″, hips: 36″